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Meet the Photographer



My name’s Katie and I’m a photographer in the Bedfordshire area. I capture precious moments of your loved ones; my experience is mainly working with pets and newborn babies.


It was my time living in Canada that sparked my passion for photography. I was keen to capture and cherish the amazing, breathtaking landscapes and interesting animals surrounding me, so I started snapping and I haven’t put down a camera since!


For a number of years, I captured sunsets, landscapes, wildlife and animals, all just for my own memories. But as my passion grew I realised that I wanted to capture precious memories for others as well. This is where I came up with the idea of Furever Snaps. I love capturing naturally beautiful pictures of animals doing what they love. Experience has shown me that animals (your pets) are happiest when they’re in their own environment doing their own thing, whether that be on their favourite walk or bouncing around the back garden. I came up with a number of pet photography packages for all budgets to help you capture that precious furry member of your family.


After some time snapping your precious pets some of my friends began building families and asked if I would capture their treasured bundles of joy. During this time I found it crazy how quickly the little ones grow before your eyes and decided I wanted to begin capturing those priceless milestones for new parents to keep and cherish those memories forever.


I’m at my happiest when looking through my photographs, I truly believe that the saying “A picture says a thousand words” is so accurate and looking at a simple picture from the past can bring back so many memories and feelings from the past. This is what I want to do for other people, to help them feel the same delight over and over.

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